Our Story

A Little bit about R.A. Hart Plumbing

     Randy Hart started his plumbing adventure in August of the year 1969, three hundred miles off the East Coast of the United States aboard the USS Orion (AS-18). Assigned to the damage control division, he had to fix a water line that burst while underway at sea. Four years in the U.S. Navy taught Randy respect, discipline, honor, and in certain circumstances a quick response to emergency situations. After his Honorable discharge, Randy left the U.S. Navy as a certified welder and ship fitter, but decided to pursue a career in plumbing.

     After eleven years in the Plumbers Union (Local 582) working jobs such as the First Aid Station at the L.A. Coliseum, Hughes Aircraft (several locations), and many commercial, Industrial, and housing tracts, Randy made the decision to step out on his own.

     Randy and his wife Mary, both Southern California natives started their plumbing business in 1988. They started in the South Orange County Custom Homes market. R. A. Hart Plumbing has since helped build over 500 custom homes, one at a time.

     Our small company is a family owned and operated. Randy and Mary have been married for 48 years, and they have two adult daughters, Nadine and Wendy. Nadine is the office manager at R.A. Hart Plumbing and her husband of 21 years is one of our highly skilled plumbers. Randy and his daughters are also proud citizens of the Cherokee Nation.

     R.A. Hart Plumbing does anything that involves plumbing. We have the knowledge and ability to complete any and all plumbing issues to our customer's complete satisfaction. Randy has certifications as a P.I.P.E. Journeyman, also welding and silver brazier. Randy and Don both have certifications in Wardflex and Gastight CSST plumbing systems as well as Polyethylene fusion. They are also both certified backflow prevention device testers through the Orange County Health Department. R.A. Hart Plumbing is up to date with tankless water heater technology and are well versed in the installation and service of many of the brands on the market today.

     R.A. Hart Plumbing's business has always been based on referrals and repeat clients as we have never ran any large advertising campaigns. That is why we make sure our clients are satisfied as we depend on each of them to stay in business. 

     With R.A. Hart Plumbing, you are family, we'll take care of you, you've got our word.